National Campaign for the Arts launches public Supporters Scheme

The National Campaign for the Arts is a charity, and right now in order to maintain the work we do and the positive impact our projects are having- we need to ask for your involvement. Today we ask you to join our campaign for more public investment in the arts, by pledging a small (or large!) financial donation. We need you, and all those who care about the arts and want them to remain as an important and central part of our society, to join the movement!

We are launching our Supporters Scheme, so that we can continue to shout about public funding for the arts, make experiences more democratic and ensure opportunities are available for those who may not currently have adequate access to creating, studying or experiencing the arts.

With a monthly donation of just £3 per month, anyone can become a Registered Supporter, helping us spread the message that the arts are worth funding and fighting for.

If you are able to give a little more, you can become one of our Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Supporters. These support the specific campaigns and activities that provoke action from those who decide where our taxes are invested.

Platinum Supporters who donate £45 per month will attend one of our Hearts for the Arts awards celebrity ceremonies, and Gold Supporters who donate £35 per month will be acknowledged on one of the Indicators in the next edition of the Arts Index.

In the past few years we have:

· Run the first Hearts for the Arts awards, recognising and rewarding Local Authority support of the arts

· Published two editions of our influential Arts Index; a third is forthcoming

· Run the 50p for Culture campaign, actively supported the My Theatre Matters campaign, and launched the Local Heroes campaign

· Lobbied and acted as a voice for the arts sector (particularly around elections and in the wake of the vote for Brexit)

· Recruited a high-profile list of Champions, passionate advocates for the arts

Samuel West (NCA Chair) said, ‘We believe, don’t we, that art is for everyone? That not just rich people’s children enjoy ballet — miners’ children can, too (I know a story about that). But this isn’t just a nice idea; good, affordable access to art can be life-changing. It’s only possible if our arts organisations are properly supported. We’re asking for people’s help make the case. The NCA is advocator and activist, shouting loud for more investment in the culture we all cherish.”

We are nowhere near as strong alone as we are together, and the more that we, the people with the power to elect and remove political parties, show that we can and will join forces to tell those in power how we want to live and how we want future generations to live, the sooner we will see the impact. Now more than ever, we need the arts, as it allows us to imagine alternative paths, empathise with others, and understand the world we inhabit. Through this, minds and hearts can change. But this needs to be for everyone. Anyone. All of us.

Joining the Supporters Scheme via our website ( is easy, and payments can be made either monthly or annually.

We hope you will join us on this path. By joining our Supporters Scheme (at any level) you’ll receive our monthly newsletter, packed with exclusive content, news and updates on our campaigns and activities.