Special edition gifts with artwork by Tom Phillips are now on sale

These Special Edition products feature artwork by Tom Phillips, painter, composer, poet, writer, sculptor, critic, curator, teacher and translator, whose enormous body of work created over five decades is internationally-renowned and respected. The range includes everything from mugs, and posters, to t-shirts, aprons and shopping bags.

In 1966 Phillips bought a secondhand book for threepence on Peckham Rye in London.  This book was W H Mallock’s 1892 novel A Human Document. He dedicated himself to ornamenting, painting and redesigning every page which  resulted in a new narrative and poems created from the words on the pages.  A Humument has been reworked and revised by Phillips numerous times since its first publication in 1980, the final of which was released in 2016.

We are incredibly excited that Tom Phillips has created this original work especially and exclusively for us from page 359 of the book.  The wonderful and poignant meaning of this will look lovely on all sorts of useful things, either for yourself or that special art lover in your life.

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If you haven’t yet purchased your Bob and Roberta Smith slogan goodies, these will remain on sale, along with our logo products.

All profit from the sale of these products goes directly towards activities undertaken by the NCA, including the 2018 Hearts for the Arts awards, Local Heroes and the recent publication of the Arts Index.

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