Our board

The National Campaign for the Arts is a charity, run by a board of volunteer enthusiasts. We donate our time, experience and expertise because we care passionately about the future of UK culture.

  • Bob & Roberta

    Visual Artist
    "Art is about our right to speak, to form ourselves and be ourselves. Give a child a blank sheet of paper and you give that child a voice. We must support art in schools so that we hear from those kids when they grow up and become citizens. Art is your human right!"
  • Samuel

    Chair: Actor and Director
    "Art helps me imagine what it’s like to be someone else. There’s no us and them. It's us and us. It's all us."
  • Al

    Writer and Performer
    "I have spent three decades watching art improve lives, heal wounds, challenge authority, energise communities and celebrate the human condition. I cannot speak highly of them enough."
  • Cassie

    Head of UK Theatre
    "The arts contribute so much to our society and communities. Theatre, dance, music, good writing… they teach us about ourselves and the world around us. They give us joy. They are vital."
  • Julia

    Director of The Hub
    "There’s nothing quite like a brilliant piece of theatre or a knockout gig to take you out of yourself, make you think, make you feel. The arts help us live in colour."
  • Kim

    Company Secretary: Theatre Consultant
    "Nurturing the arts changes lives for good; the arts make us all more human. Funding is a crucial component, opening and ensuring access for all."
  • Leonora

    Managing Director of Welsh National Opera
    "Growing up with many different types music all around me convinced me from my earliest days of the power of the arts to bring people together. We aren’t human without them."
  • Mark

    Director of the Association of British Orchestras
    "I’m excited about the arts because there is nothing better than the shared experience of a live event, and for me, orchestral music forms the soundtrack to my life. "
  • Michael

    Director of Cog Design
    "I grew up listening to thrashy bands in a local community centre. I wouldn’t have called it ‘arts’ but without funding that venue wouldn’t exist."
  • Peter

    Conductor and Violinist
    "The arts envelop our lives with fresh prospect daily and help us to both reflect and participate, enriching each and every journey we take. "
  • Rosie

    Public affairs consultant for the arts and creative industries
    "For me it’s simple: the arts help us to understand each other better."
  • Ruth

    Artistic Director of the Holland Festival
    "I believe that artists can change the world and I love them for the inspiration, provocation and joy they give us."
  • Helen

    QC Lawyer at Matrix Chambers specialising in human rights and discrimination law
    "The arts remind me that I am human and that other people are too."
  • Amanda

    Arts Strategy and Communications
    "The arts nourish my mind and feed my soul. I want to make sure that others have the same opportunity to consume enough artistic work to draw their own conclusions."
  • Sarah

    Managing Partner of Indigo-Ltd
    "The arts provide inspiration, provoke questions, and remind me daily what it is to be human in a busy and challenging world. They are somewhere where I can lose myself, yet never feel alone."