Arts Index 2019 – Coming Soon!

The Arts Index is a snapshot report of the health of England’s arts and culture provision, pulling together data across 20 key indicators (from public participation to West End revenues).

A decade on from when we published the first Arts Index, the latest edition, covering 2007-18, will be launched on 23 March.

The NCA recognises that the arts ecology can never simply be reduced to a set of figures; assessing the health of any organism is complex. But policymakers need to know what’s happening. They need independent and objective analysis. The Arts Index provides it.

This latest edition provides an opportunity to understand the impact a decade of austerity has had on England’s arts and culture, how resilient the sector is and what the trends and forecasts are as we enter another decade of great change.

To launch our latest findings, we’ve teamed up with Kings College London and the Creative Industries Federation, and the Index will hit the Press on Monday 23rd March.

In the meantime, if you would like to take a look at the most recent Arts Index, you can do so here.

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