Fife Cultural Trust – Moments in Time

Fife Cultural Trust's Moments in Time shortlisted for Best Arts Project - Arts, Health and Wellbeing in the 2020 Hearts for the Arts Awards


Moments in Time (MIT) are free sessions providing an opportunity for people to revisit their past within an informal library setting. The aim of the project is to improve the library service for those living with dementia, through a better understanding of their specific needs. People living with dementia can feel lonely and unable to participate in activities they previously enjoyed. Giving access to leisure and cultural life reduces the isolation and disconnection this group and their carers can feel. 

MIT was developed in partnership with Alzheimer Scotland and with those living with dementia. It allows people to enjoy and share memories, be part of a group, remain a valued part of their community and have fun! Stories, poems, music, objects evoke emotions that let the participant experience the “present” moment in time and also act as a way of reflecting on past experiences, which attendees may find easier to discuss. MIT was developed to allow sessions to be delivered in a variety of community settings such as care homes/day care centres ensuring physical access isn’t a barrier to participation. 

Examples include: 

  • Movie Moments – these screenings tackle the social/economic impact of dementia allowing people living with dementia to continue to participate in entertainment. Nostalgic classics give audiences the chance to connect with memories, reminisce and provide a fun, accessible and inclusive experience. 
  • Groove ON – Groovers are people of varying ages and physical abilities. The therapeutic benefits of music allows people to express themselves as well as triggering memories. A disco offers a shared experience while providing a non-obvious form of physical exercise. 

MIT offers an alternative to the craft and information session format currently on offer from other local organisations. It is the combination of activities, cutting edge technology, staff training and dementia friendly venues which makes them unique. 

What the judges said:

‘The use of new approaches and the variety of activities allows this project to be delivered in libraries/ care homes and remove physical barriers to access. The participant’s quote ‘More please!’ tells its own story. This must come from the project’s inherent fun-ness which is clearly animating for both participants and staff delivering the work. To be such a fun project, whilst also leading on Dementia policy aims, is very inspiring.’

Photo Credit:  © ONFife (Fife Cultural Trust)