General Election 2017: Is your candidate For The Arts?

Do you care about the future of the arts in the UK? If you do, make sure the candidate you vote for in the 2017 General Election is committed to the arts.

We’ve produced a prompt sheet which suggests three questions to ask your Parliamentary candidates, to gauge how knowledgeable and committed they are to issues facing the arts in the UK.

As our Chair, Samuel West, says, “Public funding helps to make the UK a world leader in arts and culture. The National Campaign for the Arts wants audiences and candidates to understand and support that.”

“It is essential for this and for future generations that the arts are not forgotten at this election; successful candidates will realise how important affordable access to art is to the health and wellbeing of their constituents. We hope all arts organisations will share our new prompt sheet with their audiences and supporters. It gives them facts, figures and three fundamental questions to ask candidates about arts funding, education and provision across the UK.”

Download and share the prompt sheet today!

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