Our board

The National Campaign for the Arts is a charity, run by a board of volunteer enthusiasts. We donate our time, experience and expertise because we care passionately about the future of UK culture.

  • Samuel

    Actor and Director
    "Art helps me imagine what it’s like to be someone else. There’s no us and them. It's us and us. It's all us."
  • Amit

    Deputy Artistic Director of Birmingham Repertory Theatre (photo credit: Kris Askey)
    "The most wonderful thing about art is its power to cause change - whether it be something personal like your mood through to something that can be life-changing. The impact it can make should never be underestimated"
  • Rosie

    Public affairs consultant for the arts and creative industries
    "For me it’s simple: the arts help us to understand each other better."
  • Peter

    Conductor and Violinist
    "The arts envelop our lives with fresh prospect daily and help us to both reflect and participate, enriching each and every journey we take. "